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The 21 February on 2014

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A story about book fair and Shahid Minar

That was a historical day on my life. Minimum 1 million people stay on Sahabag that day. They are all went there for visit Shahid Minar. I also went there for visit Shahid Minar. There was so loudly.
Everybody was so tired that time. Other reason is book fair. That’s why there was so crowd. At a moment I go Shahid Minar.
Then I see there were so many people. But it was enjoyable. At first I round Shahid Minar, then I go font on Shahid Minar without my footwear.
I get there some feeling. When I stay out from there then I see A mad mother protect her child very carefully. And the child was so enjoy there. I was feeling sorry about that child.
Then I visit book fair. There were minimum 238 book shops. All are different books there.
The famous writer Humayun Ahmad’s book buy many people. 
I ask a book fair visitor why like this book? He said, this my favorite book and the writer is Humayun Ahmad.

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